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  • Tarcica bukowa
    beech lumber

    Beech Lumber

    Pomeranian Timber produces unedged and square edged beech lumber. In both categories, the wood can undergo the steaming process so that we can achieve uniform coloration. The standard is light steaming to achieve delicate salmon hue. At the customers’special request, plank can undergo heavy steaming.

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  • FSC® Certification

    FSC® Certification

    Since 2007 we are holders of  FSC® certificate number SGSCH-COC-003960  issued by SGS Polska sp. z o.o.

    Pomeranian Timber is using for its production round logs from certified forests which are sustainably managed.

    Purchasing products labeled with  FSC® label you can be sure that logs used  for this product

    sourced from well managed woods adhering to strict environmental and sustainably managed criteria.

  • IPPC Certificate

    IPPC Certificate

    certyfikat ippc

    The IPPC Certificate  proves that that wood packaging materials are treated to guard against the distribution of unwanted pests.

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